About Honor Hospice

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Who We Are

Honor Hospice is based in Metro-Detroit, and provides care in the majority of Southeast Michigan. We strive to honor the legacy of those we serve through promoting the highest quality of life. We place an emphasis on our patients and their families creating new memories and living life to the fullest extent. We believe that you and your loved ones deserve the very best when it comes to compassionate care, especially at one of the most crucial times in life. We take time to connect with our patients, learn their preferences, desires, and needs, and create a customized care plan tailored around these items. Our team is always ready and available to offer support, education, and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 



Our Mission

We, Honor Hospice, are committed to providing comprehensive patient and family-centered care to ensure the dignity of those we serve in their greatest time of need.

Our Vision

At Honor Hospice we aim to transform the way hospice care is delivered in the community by providing quality team-based care to our patients and their families.

Our Core Values


We do the right things for the right reasons, even when nobody is watching.


We provide care with empathy. We seek understanding of all physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to provide the most empathetic care.


We accept and encourage the input of our patients and their families. We take pride in maintaining the dignity and privacy of those we serve.


We build relationships with our patients and their loved ones, learning what is important to them, and striving to bring peace and promote comfort.


Our Caregivers

We ensure our trained caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate while providing care to those we serve. You can be sure your loved ones are always safe and respected while we deliver our high quality care. All of our staff complete regular training to ensure our care meets your every need. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan of care specifically designed to meet your needs. We will work together with you to assess, plan, and educate during and after our time providing care.


Our History

Founded in 2020 by two registered nurses that have dedicated their life’s work striving to ensure peace and dignity for those they serve. After spending years as hospice and oncology nurses, our founders felt called to continue their mission in a greater capacity within the hospice ministry. Hospice is special as it requires care to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of both the patients and their entire support system. At Honor Hospice, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care to all we serve.


You Deserve The Very Best in Hospice Care

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