• Nursing Care
  • Medical Social Services
  • Caregiver Support
  • Home Care Aides
  • Homemaking Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Bereavement Support
  • Physician Collaboration
  • Spiritual Services
  • Volunteer Care
  • 24-Hour On-Call
Nursing Care

Nursing care includes initial and ongoing assessment of patient and family needs to ensure all needs are met. Our nurses focus on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those we serve and are available 24/7 for you. Our nurses will take the time to learn your preferences and collaborate with you and our interdisciplinary team to help build and carry out an individualized care plan. Our team will meet you where you are and provide education to support you.

Home Care Aides

Honor Hospice has dedicated home care aides to assist in activities of daily living. Our team of aides strive sto make a positive impact on our patients and their family and friends. Our aides assists patients with completing everyday personal tasks such as dressing, bathing, and a variety of hygienic needs. 

Medical Social Services

Our licensed, medical social workers create long-range plans, including advance care planning. Our social workers assist both patients and their families in navigating community resources and offer support. Medical social services include:

  • Assessing social and emotional factors
  • Advanced care planning
  • Community resource planning
  • Advanced directives
  • Crisis intervention
  • Counseling
  • Teaching regarding coping with loss and change
Caregiver Support

At Honor Hospice, we pride ourselves on employing highly trained professionals on our team. Our team will educate you and your family on how to assist in the daily care of your loved ones.  We want to remove any uncertainty, and make sure you understand and feel comfortable every step of the way. We are available to offer support 24/7 to ensure all of your questions are answered.

A few of our printed resources can also be found on our Caregiver Resources page.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists offer services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
  • Body mechanics
  • Education and training in the use of assistive devices
  • Improving range of motion
  • Muscle re-education
  • Sports rehabilitation therapy
  • Flexibility training
  • Arthritis care
  • Back and neck care
  • Hand therapy
  • Pre- and post-surgery care
Homemaking Care

We offer household services in order to keep your home a clean, safe, and comfortable place. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Homemaking services are a great option for when you first begin requiring assistance in the comfort of your home. It includes:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Laundry
  • Dishwashing
  • Cleaning bathroom and kitchen
  • Emptying trash
  • Assistance sorting and reading the mail etc.
Speech Therapy

The main goal of speech therapy is to help a patient regain communication skills so they can easily interact with the environment and express their needs and desires. The therapy also focuses on regaining the ability to eat and swallow without the help of the others or assistive devices. The advantage of the speech therapy is it can be performed at your home and every therapy is designed according to the patient’s needs.

Massage Therapy

Hospice massage therapists are trained to provide comfort and help alleviate pain. The healing touch of a massage therapist can bring great comfort and offer significant benefits.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services help patients to restore their independence and mobility. Our occupational therapists will assist you in:

  • Continuing patient education
  • Home safety
  • Engaging in recreational activities
  • Patient assessment on energy management and conservation
  • Assessment and evaluation of health and basic skills
  • Planning and implementation of therapeutic programs
  • Basic level skills education and training
  • Device assistance training, and work simplification (laundry, meal preparation, bathing, grooming, eating, etc.)
Bereavement Support

We offer continuing grief and bereavement support to families and friends throughout and after our time providing care. Even after that time, we are there for you to listen and help you work through your grief. Our bereavement support includes:

  • Bereavment planning
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Monthly education
  • Monthly communication
  • Grief support
Physician Collaboration

Our medical director collaborates hand-in-hand with the entire multi-disciplinary team to build and deliver the plan of care. Our physicians will work with you to answer questions and provide education as well as provide medical direction to ensure patient wishes are met.

Volunteer Care

Our volunteers enhance all of the care we provide at Honor Hospice. As do all of our staff, our volunteers receive an all-encompassing training to ensure they are ready to meet the needs of our patients, families, and friends. Our volunteers are passionate about assisting in ensuring high-quality care is delivered and services can include patient companionship, clerical support, spiritual support and more. Our volunteers serve in a multitude of ways to ensure the care we provide is exceptional.

Become a Volunteer

Spiritual Services

Our spiritual care counselors and chaplains are professionally trained individuals to meet the spiritual needs of those we serve. Hospice can be a time of great need, and our team is here to make sure you do not have to go through it alone. 

24-Hour On-Call Care

Our dedicated staff are available 24 hours, seven days a week to offer you support, answer questions, and ensure all needs are met no matter the time. Our 24/7 on call nurse can be reached by calling 734-470-3901, and choosing menu option 2.