Why Choose Honor Hospice?

Honor Hospice was founded on the principle of being there for our patients and their families when needed the most. We are committed to providing the best care for those we serve, helping our patients get the most out of each day to enjoy the highest possible quality of life. We set high standards for our team because you deserve the best.


Volunteer Offers Comfort

Specialty Programs

In addition to the traditional programs and services you can expect from hospice care including medications, medical equipment, and visits from our highly skilled and compassionate caregivers, we have created specialty programs to help our patients experience more while in our care. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to improving the hospice experience for both patients and their families through more personalized attention and compassionate care. We work to create meaningful memories that can be cherished by those we serve.


Experienced Team

Founded by nurses, the Honor Hospice team is made up of compassionate individuals that truly care. Each member of our team receives specialty training and ongoing education to ensure we are able to offer you our full support. We are all aligned with the Honor Hospice mission:

We, Honor Hospice, are committed to providing comprehensive patient and family-centered care to ensure the dignity of those we serve in their greatest time of need.

Honor Hospice adult child embracing parent

Committed To You

We are available 24/7 to our patients and families to make sure our patients receive the best care. We rapidly respond to our the needs of our patients and their families. We are committed to continuous improvement using evidence-based care to ensure best outcomes. We are committed to educating families, and continue to support our patients and their families through our caregiver resource library featuring topics caregivers want to know. 


Clinical Quality

We rank highly in patient satisfaction, clinical safety, communication with families, and rapid improvment in patient comfort.




The Honor Hospice staff ensure timely follow up with patients and their families when they need us most, that is why 100% of satisfaction survey respondents have reported satisfaction in domains related to hospice communication. We are available 24/7 with prompt responses to those we serve.

National Average: 81% communication with family satisfaction.



We pride ourselves on safety. We partner with our patients and their families provide in depth support and education to ensure patient safety. We ensure patient families are adequately supported to partner with us in the care of their loved ones.


National Average: 10% of patients will experience an adverse event.


We have had no admissions for inadequate pain and symptom control allowing those we serve to have their wishes honored, spend more time with family, and receive adequate comfort. All patient families have reported adequate pain and symptom management in survey. 

National Average: 8.7% Live Discharge followed by hospitalization and subsequent hospice readmission. Additionally, 25% of families reporting inadequate pain and symptom relief.

*Outcomes reflect previous 12 months of data. Last Updated October 2023. National Averages from CAHPS and The National Library of Medicine